Far Infrared Rays

Space scientists investigate the conditions of human life inside spaceships,It is known that the total wavelength of sunlight is 6000-15000 nanometers far infrared is an essential factor for living things. Therefore, people call this part of the long infrared wave. As the longest wavelength in infrared, it can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The human body is emitting far infrared at all times, according to the measurement: the human body emitted far infrared wavelength in the vicinity of 9.6 microns.

The wavelength (5.6-15 microns) of far-infrared light overlaps with the wavelength emitted by the human body (the average human body temperature is 36.5℃, which is translated into wavelength of about 9.4 microns). The frequency band is in the same range, so the cells and molecules in the human body can become active accordingly. This phenomenon is called resonance.It can activate cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and improve the body's own immunity.

Far Infrared Rays Function:
  1. Increase the body's oxygen content. Water molecules in the body can be resonated through absorb far infrared rays. Then promote the cells to rejuvenate to relax the spirit and wake up the head, which can improve disease resistance and delay aging.
  2. Improves the circulatory system of the body, transforms far infrared into heat energy through resonance, raises the temperature of the deep skin, accelerates the blood flow and drives the circulatory system of the whole body.
  3. With the increase of age, the body's metabolism is getting slower and slower coupled with unhealthy living habits. It will cause more and more garbage in the body that seriously affecting the health. Far infrared rays can accelerate metabolism. Dispose of body waste and reduce the burden on organs.
  4. Far infrared rays improve immunity of body. Regulating the body's cellular and humoral immune functions is beneficial to human health.