Negative Ion

Ions are electrically charged invisible particles. Cations are ions with a positive charge, anions are ions with a negative charge. Generally, there are a lot of cations in polluted air and anions are largely distributed in forests, beaches, and valleys where the air is free-flowing. In addition, a weak person will develop chronic diseases and preexisting diseases will worsen in air that is rich in cations. On the contrary, if there are a lot of anions, cells are activated and the resistance to diseases increases and the body becomes mildly alkaline and healthy.

Net Weight of negative ions
  1. To purify the air, the negative ions have a negative charge. When the negative ions meet the dust and other particles in the air, the positive and negative phases gather, thereby condensing the dust and other substances into a mass, increasing the weight of the dust, and making it land on the ground.
  2. Negative ions can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria to achieve the purpose of antibacterial and sterilization. In a high concentration of negative ion environment, the number of mold and bacteria in the air can be reduced by more than 90%.
  3. Insufficient sleep can cause a variety of diseases and seriously affect your health. Negative ions exist in nature as a kind of energy. Multiple exposure to negative ions can improve the quality of sleep and also relieve headaches, so that the mind is more sober.