Tourmaline is made of natural tourmaline and other substances. It’s a fushion of tourmaline, germanium, red clay, elvan, biotite and feldspar, which containing energy of 19 natural elements in potential form. It provides FIR & Negative Ion to our body which is the source of life and a necessity for all living beings.

As a gem referring to all the gems discovered in the 18th century and representing the birth stone for October in Brazil, India, China, etc, this is a mysterious and the only mineral that generates 0.06 ampere electric charge that is most suitable for human body among all the minerals that exist on the planet. The wavelength of the anions and far-infrared rays emitted from tourmaline promotes our blood circulation, revitalizes our cellular tissue, strengthens our resistance and enhances our autonomic nerve function.

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with many natural elements. Pyro-electricity is the ability of tourmaline gems to generate a temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled. The change in temperature modifies the positions of the atoms slightly within the crystal structure so that the polarization of the material changes. This polarization change gives rise to a voltage across the crystal.

When tourmalines are squeezed or heated, they produce negative ions and FIR(far infrared) rays. Anion tourmaline emits about 2.5 to 13.5 microns of far infrared light, matching the body's own infrared light, known as the "light of life". The rays is not only good for the muscles on the surface of the body but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deep parts of our body. These rays vitalize the biological function of our cells and increase circulation, relieve neuralgia, backache, arthritis pain, eliminates toxins and carbon dioxide from our blood, performs an antibacterial function.