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FIR Photon Mat


FIR Photon Mat Introduction

FIR Photon mat combines the most advanced technology with ancient Oriental medicine. This thermal therapy combines the advantages of natural amethyst, ceramic balls and photons that brings you health in many ways.

Model:Micro-Energy E100-PACA-LF-P
Stone:clay ball
Net Weight:Far Infrared Rays Thermal Therapy


FIR Photon Therapy Mat

When the FIR photon mat is plugged in, it generates a constant stream of heat that surrounds you. Natural amethyst and photon release a lot of far infrared. Tourmaline ceramic ball release negative ion through pervious mesh. Long-term use of it can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, immunity enhancement , diminish inflammation relieve physical fatigue and Improve sleep quality.

Specifications & Function

  • Micro-Energy E100-PACA-LF-P
  • Heating Area: 80x35cm / 31x14in
  • Power: 100W
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
  • Temperature range: 30-70℃ / 86-158℉
  • Stone: amethyst & tourmaline ceramic ball & 12photon
  • Activate cells, Promote blood circulation
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Improve the body's own immunity
  • Eliminate fatigue, Relieve body pain
  • Improves sleep (if associated with pain relief)



Tourmaline clay ball

  • Tourmaline ceramic balls are made of Tourmaline, titanium oxide, zirconia, kaolin and other minerals.After 800℃ above high temperature calcination process from the firing.Different colored ceramic spheres are added with different minerals and trace elements, such as ...
Negative ion

Negative ion

  • Ions are electrically charged invisible particles. Cations are ions with a positive charge, anions are ions with a negative charge. Generally, there are a lot of cations in polluted air and anions are largely distributed in forests, beaches, and valleys where the air is free-flowing.
Far Infrared rays

Far Infrared rays

  • Space scientists investigate the conditions of human life inside spaceships,It is known that the total wavelength of sunlight is 6000-15000 nanometers far infrared is an essential factor for living things. Therefore, people call this part of the long infrared wave. As the longest wavelength in infrared...

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Model:Micro-Energy E100-PAPTBT-LF-P
Stone:Tourmaline clay ball
Net Weight:Boosts blood circulation
Amethyst photonic carrying pad can promote blood circulation, activate cells, accelerate metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and supplement the trace elements and minerals needed by the human body.It can also stimulate meridians, relieve backache and enhance human immunity.It is helpful to regulate the coordination and balance of physiological functions of human organs.

Safety Caution

  • Please not to use the mat instead of medicines and professional medical equipment.
  • Please not to cover the mat with a thick blanket.
  • Please connect the controller to the product follow the instructions.
  • Please not to use this mat for other purposes except physical therapy.
  • Please keep the mat away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to fold this mat with force.
  • Please pay attention to adjust the appropriate temperature of the mat to avoid being burned due to the maximum temperature of the mat can reach 70℃/158℉.
  • Please turn off the controller in time when finished using.
  • Please keep the controller away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to put the controller on the product when the it is heating.
  • Please not to use other controller that are not worn by the product.