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Tourmaline Knee Pad


Tourmaline Knee Pad Introduction

Tourmaline knee pad are specifically for legs and knee, It relieve knee pain due to some reasons. Knee pain is a chronic disease that troubles people.

Model: Micro-Energy E60-PAPT-LK
Size: 20x10cm
Stone: clay ball
Net Weight: Far Infrared Rays Thermal Therapy


Heating Amethyst Tourmaline Knee Pad

Heating amethyst tourmaline knee pads combine natural amethyst and tourmaline. After heating, the amethyst will release a lot of far infrared rays, promote blood circulation and relieve pain; negative ions will reduce inflammation and sterilization, relieve chronic inflammation.

Specifications & Function

  • Micro-Energy E60-PAPT-LK
  • Heating Area: 50x30cm / 19.5x12in
  • Power: 40W
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
  • Temperature range: 30-70℃ / 86-158℉
  • Activate cells, Promote blood circulation
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Improve the body's own immunity
  • Eliminate fatigue, Relieve body pain
  • Improves sleep (if associated with pain relief)



Tourmaline clay ball

  • Tourmaline ceramic balls are made of Tourmaline, titanium oxide, zirconia, kaolin and other minerals.After 800℃ above high temperature calcination process from the firing.Different colored ceramic spheres are added with different minerals and trace elements, such as ...
Negative ion

Negative ion

  • Ions are electrically charged invisible particles. Cations are ions with a positive charge, anions are ions with a negative charge. Generally, there are a lot of cations in polluted air and anions are largely distributed in forests, beaches, and valleys where the air is free-flowing.
Far Infrared rays

Far Infrared rays

  • Space scientists investigate the conditions of human life inside spaceships,It is known that the total wavelength of sunlight is 6000-15000 nanometers far infrared is an essential factor for living things. Therefore, people call this part of the long infrared wave. As the longest wavelength in infrared...

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Model: Micro-Energy E60-PA-FB
Size: 20x10cm
Stone: toumaline ceramic ball
Net Weight: Far Infrared Rays Thermal Therapy
Model: Micro-Energy E60-PA-LK
Size: 20x10cm
Stone: toumaline ceramic ball
Net Weight: Far Infrared Rays Thermal Therapy

Safety Caution

  • Please not to use the mat instead of medicines and professional medical equipment.
  • Please not to cover the mat with a thick blanket.
  • Please connect the controller to the product follow the instructions.
  • Please not to use this mat for other purposes except physical therapy.
  • Please keep the mat away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to fold this mat with force.
  • Please pay attention to adjust the appropriate temperature of the mat to avoid being burned due to the maximum temperature of the mat can reach 70℃/158℉.
  • Please turn off the controller in time when finished using.
  • Please keep the controller away from water, fire and sharp objects.
  • Please not to put the controller on the product when the it is heating.
  • Please not to use other controller that are not worn by the product.