Tourmaline mattress

CeraMax Series - Life Takes Energy

Life take Energy. CeraMax Series is contain CeraMax (Nano-Energy Ceramic) which is developed as a fusion of Natural Noble Jade, Germanium, Tourmaline, Elvan, Biotite, Volcanic ash and other materials, provides far-infrared ray & negative ion in order to discharges toxins and add vitality to the body.

jade Series

NobleMat Series - Nephrite Healing Master

Natural Noble Jade is a kind of noble serpentine emits far-infrared radiation thermotherapy energy of 6–14 µm wavelength, the most suitable wavelength for the human body, and absorbing the resonance of energy in the body.

Mesh Series

AlphaMat Series - Healing Your Life Anywhere, Anytime

The perfect combination of traditional and newest Hot-stone physiotherapy. Using the principle of Ondol, natural jade (noble serpentine) & tourmaline ceramic provide FIR far-infrared ray heat, negative ion healing your body.

NM Series

NM Series - A Reinterpretation of Tourmanium Style

Healthy Life Starts With NM Series. Tourmaline and germanium emit far infrared rays improve blood circulation and active cell. Relieve some discomfort symptoms to help you get better sleep.

Ceratonic Series

Ceratonic Series - A Reinterpretation of Ceramic ball Style

Easy To Healing Your Life. Combination of tourmaline and tourmaline ceratonic balls , through the action of far infrared rays to make the body achieves a comfortable state and sleeps.


Samcho Series - A Reinterpretation of Square Stone Style

The ceramic tourmaline used by Samcho mixes the natural tourmaline, enamel, biotite, medical stone and so on. It also contains 19 natural elements and energy. This energy is delivered to our body by heating to provide nutrients and energy to our blood, muscles, bones and cells.

phone mattress

Aura-Detox Series - Love Healing at Home

The union between bio technologies and some natural materials, which emits far-infrared rays, photonic light, PEMF(Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) and negative ions, receive a magneto-therapeutic treatment and regenerate your magnetic field, help us balance our body cells' wellness.

tourmaline ball mattress

Micro-Energy Series - Your Home Doctor

An active Micro-Energy field is formed with far-infrared rays, negative ion, full of diverse minerals and micro-elements which are good for our body.

amethyst mattress

ThermoLife Series - Be Natural, Be Healthy

Enjoy the bio infrared thermal therapy with additional benefits from Natural Amethyst Crystal & Natural Tourmaline Crystal, in order to help us achieve better health through an easy, safe and comfortable way.

ThermoStar Series

ThermoStar Series - More Natural, More Healthy

Enjoy the bio infrared thermal therapy with additional benefits from natural gemstone in order to help us achieve better health through an easy, safe and comfortable way.


ChakraMat Series - A Color Revolution in Healing

The perfect combination of natural energy stone therapy and the mysterious Hindu Chakra theory, supplemented as PEMF(Plused Electromagnetic Field) & Photon, making it one of the most popular products.

Tourmaline bracelet

FavorGem - Small Thing, Big Energy

Combining the fashion of jewelry and the health of Tourmaline. Tourmaline bracelets and necklaces can relieve pain, release negative ions, far infrared rays, and also prevent radiation.