Fanocare is a industry and trade integration company, we are leading manufacturer of heating therapy mattress in China.

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we are Fanocare

Fanocare is an industry and trade integration company, we are leader manufacturer of therapy heating mattress in China.

Fanocare always focuses on independent research and development for technical innovation. New life science and bio technical were brought into thermal products in order to show health benefit of thermal therapy to human body. To this end, Fanocare has made 11 series products, which currently produces over 200 designs. Our products had been exported to about 50 countries.

Our promise is to constantly create new achievements, Therefore, we pay great attention to product quality and design, persist in integrating high quality materials, advanced design, strict manufacturing standard and quality assurance system, and continuously improve all aspects of products.

Our customers will be provided with professional services with relate to technical consultation, extensive latest product information, products, product delivery, etc. wherever they are. By always keeping to the policy of customer foremost and the promise of completely high quality, we will maintain our image as an healthcare supplier established in the world.




Complete range, innovative design, there is always your choice.


Fanocare care your market reputation with products stable performance.


Minimal middlemen, maximum profits.


Advanced equipment and unique design increase your competitiveness.

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We have been exported to about 50 countries that follow the product is the most professional service of Fanocare.



As a manufacturer with many years of experience, High quality products are no problem for Fanocare. We have made 11 series products, which currently produces over 200 designs.